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Anonymous asked: Hi PM! I was wondering if you would mail my letter to my Dad. He lives very far away though so it will take a long time. Are you up to the task? :)

Of course! It is my duty and my honor to deliver your letters.

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(( Some of you may already know several of the ask accounts have shut down. Sadly, I myself may have to do this soon because I will have to go back to school. I will try to answer the rest of the asks in my box and maybe a few more you send in, and thank you everyone who has followed this account! However, I could be able to maintain it through the school year. Everyone would have to be very patient with me if I choose to do this, though. :( ))

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Anonymous asked: My dad says TaB is nasty. What is your opinion? I would ask WV but I think he is a little bias.

I haven’t had too much of it, honestly. From what I have had, though, isn’t too bad. It isn’t the worst thing I’ve had to drink.

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Anonymous asked: did you know people steal mail? it's incredibly stupid.

That is terrible! This is a crime that must be stopped soon.